Published and Forthcoming Papers

  1. Status Goods: Experimental Evidence from Platinum Credit Cards
    (with Leonardo Bursztyn, Bruno Ferman, Martin Kanz, and Gautam Rao)
    The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 133(3), 1 August 2018, pp. 1561–1595.

Appendix, Data and Code
  1. Moral Incentives in Credit Card Debt Repayment: Evidence from a Field Experiment
    (with Leonardo Bursztyn, Daniel Gottlieb, and Martin Kanz)
    Journal of Political Economy, 127(4), August 2019, pp. 1641-1683.

Appendix, Data and Code
  1. From Extreme to Mainstream: The Erosion of Social Norms
    (with Leonardo Bursztyn and Georgy Egorov)
    American Economic Review, 110(11), November 2020, pp. 3522-3548.

Appendix, Data and Code, AEA openICPSR Repository
  1. Corruption and Legislature Size: Evidence from Brazil
    (with Diogo G.C. Britto)
    European Journal of Political Economy, 65, December 2020.

Working Papers

  1. Reporting Peers’ Wrongdoing: Experimental Evidence on the Effect of Financial Incentives on Morally Controversial Behavior

  2. Perceptions of an Insufficient Government Response at the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic are Associated with Lower Mental Well-Being
    (with Thiemo Fetzer, Marc Witte, Lukas Hensel, Jon M. Jachimowicz, Johannes Haushofer, Andriy Ivchenko, Stefano Caria, Elena Reutskaja, Christopher Roth, Margarita Gomez, Gordon Kraft-Todd, Friedrich M. Goetz, and Erez Yoeli).

  3. Evaluating COVID-19 Public Health Messaging in Italy: Self-Reported Compliance and Growing Mental Health Concerns
    (with Soubhik Barari, Stefano Caria, Antonio Davola, Paolo Falco, Thiemo Fetzer, Lukas Hensel, Andriy Ivchenko, Jon Jachimowicz, Gary King, Gordon Kraft-Todd, Alice Ledda, Mary MacLennan, Lucian Mutoi, Claudio Pagani, Elena Reutskaja, Federico Raimondi Slepoi).

Other Work

Taking Precautions Against the Spread of Covid-19 When Making Cash Payments to Rural Populations is Highly Effective
(with Michael Callen and Anastasiia Faikina).

Selected Work in Progress

Using Mobile Salary Payments to Reduce Corruption and Promote Financial Development in Afghanistan
(with Joshua Blumenstock, Michael Callen, Anastasiia Faikina and Tarek Ghani).